Expert Witness and Reports

At SCE, our extensive experience in preparing reports for a variety of courts and participation in many expert conclaves has provided a sound background for this type of reporting. Also, on many occasions [e.g. the Thredbo Coronial enquiry] the court has constantly referred to the various drawings and diagrams prepared by SCE, and then weighed the evidence prepared by other parties against the SCE reports.

Another feature of the SCE expert reports is the 'chronology' of relevant events that details many documents and other information in a readable form that allows a court to decide:

  • "what happened when", and

  • "what was in the mind of the individuals at a particular time when it happened".

Another important service that SCE offers in the litigation process, is the 'back office' support to a particular SCE Senior Staff member during any conclaves with other experts. This support has often proved invaluable in large and complex matters, where it is necessary for additional research to be undertaken during the course of the conclave to enable acceptance by other experts of the various opinions expressed by SCE.

If you would like additional information on Expert Witness & Reports, please see the PDFs below, otherwise contact us.