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Shirley Consulting Engineers is a Sydney-based investigative, remedial and ground engineering consulting practice that offers consulting services across Australia & Internationally.  The consulting practice was established in 1974.

The firm originally focused on geotechnical investigations and slope stability issues, and acquired considerable skills in ground engineering design, landslide control systems and reinforced soil technology.  Later the firm expanded its horizons into the forensic engineering field, and the related expert witness services, reports and evidence in court.

The forensic investigations have included many of the major engineering and mining failures that have occurred over the past 20 years in Australia [including the Thredbo landslide], as well as residential and commercial structure failures.  As such, the firm is now a ‘specialist’ in the forensic investigation / evaluation of failures, as well as the design of remedial works for a variety of civil, mining & ground engineering structures.

SCE also provides a quality engineering investigation, design & advisory service that reflects its deep understanding of the causes of slope & ground instability, subsidence [including mine subsidence], ground anchors and earth retaining structures.  We also have a comprehensive in-house resource of photographs, maps and specialised technical information on geotechnical & ground engineering that has been built up over the years which is used to assist clients.

The firm has also been awarded the Professional Standards Councils (PSC) ‘Cover of Excellence’ and the associated limited liability that accompanies quality work.

The firm acts as consultants to various insurance groups & loss adjusters, law firms, state and local government bodies, contractors, commercial / industrial groups, legal practices and private individuals.

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Senior Principal B.E.(Hons), FIE.Aust, CPEng., M.CIRCEA, R.P.E.Q. [4904].


Principal / Senior Forensic Engineer B.E.(Civil), B.Sc(Geophysics), MIEAust.

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Geotechnical Engineer B.E.(Civil), MIEAust.